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Picture library 

Here you can find information about the picture library for the Iversen/Wicklem family. By entering the cites below here, you will be able to see the pictures within each group. I found out that I had so many pictures, that I had to make a system for storing and handling them. All pictures have three letters first, here "IVE" for Iversen/Wicklem. Then there is a two digit number, for putting the pictures into groups. A scanned photo album has always got a seperate group number. Then each picture has its own identification, usually by two digits and a letter. For pictures in an album, these two digits are referring to the page number of the album, and the letter is used to differ between pictures on the same page.

If there is a document with information about the pictures within a group, for instance an album, this is noted. If this is distributed here, it will be a PDF document.















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